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Q: How can I get a demo license?

A: Launch Trimble Installation Manager on your Windows controller or connect your Windows Mobile controller to your PC and launch Trimble Installation Manager. Then you will be able to install a 30 days trial version.


Q: Which total stations are supported?

A: As Buildings App runs on Trimble Access, all supported total stations offered during the survey style setting are supported (Trimble, Spectra, Nikon, Pentax, Sokkia, Topcon, Leica)


Q: How much does a license cost?

A: Please ask your local Trimble Dealer



Q: Which workflows are currently supported?

A: Currently we support the following workflows:

        - Trimble Access: Direct export to DXF or to custom style sheets

        - Trimble Business Center: Direct 2D floor plans creation as well as some 3D elements

        - Trimble SketchUp: Direct 3D and BIM building model creation through own Plugin